All My Ancestors

About Me

 I have been researching families for over 30 years. Working on my own family resulted in a career change. I began my professional life as a speech teacher and a yearbook sponsor and am now working as a professional librarian and genealogist. The skills I learned in those early jobs are still helpful - speaking to a group, tailoring a message for a given audience, arranging images and text for maximum understanding.

As a child, my unrelenting curiosity and constant questions got me into trouble. Now I channel that desire to know to develop research strategies. My curiosity and tenacity are part of what make me a good researcher.

Contact me (allmyancestorsllc AT gmail DOT com) if you need help in Oklahoma. I can help—I can do the research or I can consult with you about where you can look and how to analyze what you've found. I can also put your research into an album preserving your photos and stories, along with the story of your family.

Association of Professional Genealogists
Council for the Advancement of Forensic Genealogy